Psychedelic Hotspot is the world's number one vendor of quality, tested psychedelic products. Based in the US, with over 10 distribution centers around the world, you can now safely buy psychedelics online hassle free. We ship our products discreetly using airtight packaging worldwide.


  1. Express shipping right to your doorstep (1-3 business days USPS, FedEx and a handful of other trusted couriers around the world, unless there’s COVID delays)
  2. Air-sealed packages with foil inside so products stay fresh and untampered.
  3. Daily email customer support from our team of experts during weekdays! Contact Us Here!
  4. discreet shipping, all packages are unmarked and shipped with extra stealth measures.
  5. Orders placed before 11am PST will be shipped the same day 🙂
  6. We support mental health, care for our community and donate to mental health programs. We are looking to develop our own chatline very soon 🙂
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You can now order psychedelic products online from the comfort of your home by shopping with us. All our products are of the best quality and have all passed quality control tests to make sure we bring to our customers just the best.

We are a team of psychonauts, growers, scientist and experts from several domains that started few with the objective to spread love to the world through the use of psychedelic medicine and over the years we have grown and improved on the quality of our products, the team, and our delivery which is 100% discreet and safe.

With so many years of experience, you can now get the most potent magic mushrooms from our shop. We also stock an extensive collection of the finest magic mushroom chocolate bars you can find online at the most affordable prices.

All of our products are extracted and produced by the team except for a few products which are imported or obtained from other vendors such as the deadhead chemist products and our MHRB which is shipped from brazil.

We stand out as the world’s number one vendor of top quality psychedelics with the needs of our customers put first. Order from our shop and experience an easier way to shop for your favorite psychedelics online.



Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom.




Whenever in doubt, turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.


A tasty treat and amazing way to micr​odose magic mushrooms


  1. Browse our shop page.
  2. Find any product (s) you’re interested in? select the desired quantity from the fields provided and add to your cart.
  3. Proceed to your cart and confirm the order total. If you would like to make changes to your cart you can do so .  
  4. Proceed to checkout and kindly take the time to fill out all the required fields. When all is good, proceed to placing your order.
  5. All you have to do now is Relax!. Just give us 5 minutes to process your order delivery information and we’ll contact you via contact details provided at checkout with payment instructions.
  6. Make payment for your order and immediately payment is confirmed (2-5mins) you just have to be patient for us to process the order and once its out for delivery, you’ll be notified with tracking code for your package. 

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Worldwide Shipping

All our products are shipped in stealth and air tight packaging worldwide with fast and discreet shipping guaranteed.

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Best Quality of Psychedelics

Psychedelic Hotspot is committed to providing the best quality of psychedelics to its customers. All our products are carefully processed and pass all our quality control before being delivered.

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Trusted Vendor

Psychedelic Hotspot is the go to place for top quality psychedelics by many psychonauts around the globe. Our 10+ years of experience puts us ahead as the world's number 1 online shop for psychedelic products.

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Secure Payments

Our payment methods and accounts are very secure. We also accept payments using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, dodge, ETH and a lot more..
BONUS: You get 3.5g of APE mushrooms every time you make payment with Crypto.


I almost want to give them a bad review so less people will shop their sales. But the truth is, they can’t be topped. Trust me, I’ve looked. And the Customer service is 10/10! I honestly couldn’t say enough good to give them & their product Justice.
Thank you! I felt like I blinked and they were at my door! 😂
Ordered for the first time recently, took 2 days to come in the mail in winnipeg. Super fast! Havent tried the mushrooms yet, but they look amazing!!! Would absolutely recommend! They even provide tracking info through USPS so you know your package is on the way.
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