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Psychedelic Hotspot is a small and sustainable business based in Portland, Oregon which is working on becoming a well rounded Biomedical company committed to producing evidence based psychedelic inspired medicines; while at the same time utilizing a strong legal arm to challenge the current framework of law around the purchase and use of psychedelics. We started about 10years ago with 3 devoted psychonauts who had a deep love for psychedelics. At the time it was all about sharing medicine with friends but with time we have been able to put together a team of carefully selected mycologists, cultivators, psychonauts and advocates of holistic medicine.
Our shop has a wide variety of magic mushroom products, mhrb and a whole lot of other psychedelic products to offer.
Our purpose is to create specialty, psychedelic products that help people reconnect, heal and re-energize. We've curated and tested the finest products that speak to people and help them relax.
Our years of experience and excellent customer satisfaction means you can now order psychedelics online at affordable prices and have them delivered fast and securely.

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