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1P LSD stands for 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide. It is a derivative of LSD, meaning it is a modified version of the classic LSD-25 discovered by Albert Hofmann in 1943.

1P-LSD itself is only a mild psychedelic. It has a 67-fold lower binding affinity for 5-HT1A receptors, 1plsd liquid,  13-fold lower binding affinity for 5-HT2A receptors, and a 3.5-fold higher binding affinity for h5-HT2C receptors than LSD-25.

How much is 1P-LSD?

1P-LSD is about the same size as LSD.

  • Microdose – 10-20 micrograms
  • The threshold amount: is 25-40 micrograms
  • The usual psychoactive dose: is 80 to 200 micrograms
  • The heroic number: 200-400 micrograms

What does 1P-LSD mean?

The effects of 1P-LSD are similar to the effects of LSD. The only difference is that the results take longer to activate. The experience can be different depending on how you think. If you’re depressed or anxious at the onset of the experience, 1P-LSD will make you feel better. Likewise, if you’re feeling happy, positive, and excited, 1P-LSD will increase this experience.

This is the main reason for the concept of the organization (mindset) and organization (the environment and the people you met during the trip). Approaching the experience with a negative feeling, such as fear, anxiety, or depression, leads to a difficult experience and can be physically damaging.

Positive effects of 1P-LSD and other LSD analogs:

  • thoughts
  • Euphoria
  • synesthesia
  • Remember important life events.
  • mystical experience
  • ego meltdown
  • cathartic experiences
  • Official information
  • A feeling of great wonder and wonder.
  • Changing the concept of time.
  • Smile

How long does a 1plsd microdose last?


1P-LSD has the same duration of action as LSD (6 to 10 hours).

After taking 1P-LSD, it becomes LSD. This happens quickly, Wonder bar mushroom chocolate,  but it takes a lot of time for the results to start. LSD lasts less than 30 minutes, and 1P-LSD can take an hour and a half (about an hour). This increases the length of the journey.

The expected duration is 6-10 hours, while 1P-LSD is around 7-11 hours when this difference is considered.

How to take LSD analog


1P-LSD is taken in the same way as LSD. It sits under the tongue for 10-15 minutes before being swallowed whole. The devices are attached to the capillaries under the tongue, directly into the bloodstream. Most people keep LSD under their tongue so that the effects start faster because it can go directly into the bloodstream rather than through the vagina first. Digestive.


However, 1P-LSD can have a rapid effect if the tablet is swallowed.

This is because, unlike acid, the liver must activate this psychedelic. When ingesting compounds like these through the gut, they are sent directly to the liver, undergoing “first-pass metabolism” before entering the systemic system.


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