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Everyone has heard of MDMA (ecstasy) and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide); they have become important in the world of mind-altering substances. But there is a famous psychoactive substance that has been in the shadows since the 1980s. This substance is called 2c drugs. 2C-effects B’s are frequently described as being somewhere between the empathogenic effects of MDMA and the hallucinogenic effects of San Pedro Powder LSD.

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2CB (4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine) is a synthetic psychedelic substance derived from mescaline. The effects of 2C-B have been compared to a mix of LSD and MDMA, but this is an oversimplification. In reality, the 2CB experience is unique.

What does 2C-B mean?


The maximum 2C-B dose ranges from 5 to 35 mg. Each tablet or capsule contains 5 mg of 2cb lsd. Low doses of around 5mg have effects very similar to MDMA or Adderall, while higher doses (over 15mg) give dangerous hallucinogenic effects like LSD, psilocybin or mescaline.

The dosage range of 2CB is:

  • 1mg: microdose
  • 5 mg — Threshold (effects similar to stimulation)
  • 5–20 mg — Moderately psychoactive (hallucinogenic and stimulant effects)
  • 20–35 mg — High psychedelic effect (hallucinogenic and stimulant)
  • 35–60 mg — Heroic Dose (effects unknown, not recommended)
  • Having said that, high doses can be effective. Most people who take more than 35 or 40 mg of the drug experience severe panic attacks or hallucinations.
  • The higher the dose, the stronger the symptoms. One can describe the images in the high-resolution images as “cartoon-like”, like the images you see with a lot of mescaline.

What does 2cb pink mean?

The effects of 2cb dosage can be described as a combination of MDMA and LSD. While this is correct, it is not entirely correct. 2C-B has empathogenic and hallucinogenic effects similar to MDMA and LSD, but the experience is unique. The general effects of 2C-B are similar to those of mescaline.

Common 2C-B findings include:

  • increases energy
  • The emphasis is on empathy with others.
  • Observation
  • eye sight
  • sexual stimulation
  • Smile
  • hallucinations
  • death or divorce

The uplifting and euphoric effects increase socialization and participation, Mescaline Powder, creates a strong sense of empathy and connection with others, does not inhibit your ability to fall asleep at the end of the night.

Can 2C-B cause a hangover?

One of the main advantages of using 2C-B over MDMA is the absence of a hangover the next morning.

How is 2C-B used?

2C-B comes as powder or compressed tablets. Each tablet contains 5, 10, 20, or 25 mg of 2C-B, so a typical dose could be 1 to 7 tablets. Before taking a tablet, always check its size.



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  1. Konkello

    2cb like falling in love with life, feeling the warmth of your soul, while the world around you becomes part of the beautiful dream you’re living.

  2. Up high

    I ate around 2-4ish hours ago!
    I’m about to drop now!

    Thanks for the delivery.

  3. Lover

    On higher doses the visuals are very similar to LSD, I always describe 2cb as psychedelic cocaine it’s literally the best coke alternative

    Body load orally is pretty bad in my experience so I just snort it and I get no body load

  4. mmket

    Order delivered and the pills pass the test.

    If youve done lsd then 2cb is like a shorter lsd without the mindfuck headspace. Very similar but far less intense than lsd and If youve done lsd then its very easy to do. Lsd prepares you for anything 2cb would throw your way.

  5. Dragcoon

    It’s way more body than brain, compared to other psychedelics. The headspace remains fairly clear, but it’ll give you intense sensations in your body.

  6. Lebowski

    Best visual experience ever imo. Depending on the dose, visuals can get really wild and intense and therefore it’s one of my favorite substances ever. Also no hangover from it, so that only adds to the magnificence.

    Edit: grammar

  7. Motor tea

    It feels like the first time I took weed. And better

  8. Lil yunk

    Took it a few days ago was kinda wiered Feeling

  9. Thight

    it burns a lot in the nose im literally dying rn god send help razor baldes up my nose any day all day FUUCCK.

    Thanks for being legit tho and making the delivery.

  10. Khilian

    i had taken 1 and 1/2 pills (big dosage for my 1st time) and in the first 30-40mins it felt like i was really peppy and energetic, then at the 1 hour mark i went outside and started seeing patterns in the clouds then the sky turned purple.

    around the peak i was in this sort of ‘happy’ reality where colours were suuper bright and in general it was amazing. i went into the bath and the water changed colours and my legs and feet were really red and disproportionate. i almost felt as if i was lucid dreaming and whatever i did in that reality didnt really matter.

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