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Active Ingredient : (S & R)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino) cyclohexanone

Other Names: Special K, Cat Tranquilizer, Vitamin K

Duration of effects: 1-3 hours


Ketamine is classified as a dissociative hallucinogen, which alters the perception of sights and sounds, as well as feelings and self-awareness. In addition to its use as a pain reliever, ketamine powder is used as a recreational drug. Information changes depending on the situation.

  • Low doses are like drinking alcohol.
  • High doses are more similar to psychedelics such as DMT or salvia.
  • Too much ketimines drugs can lead to an experience called a “K hole,” a powerful dissociative hallucination that can be beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
  • Recently, studies have shown that low doses of ketamine have potent antidepressant effects. It works in a different way than traditional antidepressant medications.
  • Because ketamine binds to multiple receptors at the same time, Mescaline Powder, it is difficult to understand what is going on and how it works.

What are the effects of ketamine?

The effects of ketamine depend on how much you use, your body weight and metabolism, how often you use it, the method you use (IV, oral, nasal), and whether you are using ketamine alone or with other substances.

At low doses, the effects of ketamine are similar to alcohol. It induces feelings of mild euphoria and changes in visual and auditory perception. It makes users feel like they are floating or working on autopilot. Lower doses are less stimulating and may cause users to feel more social or energetic.

ketamine action dosages vary widely. They can make you feel comfortable and separate. People often feel light-headed and restless and often experience intense hallucinations, blurred vision, and out-of-body experiences.

At very high doses, people experience what is commonly known as a K hole, BUY 2CB, which involves intense out-of-body hallucinations. This is a manifestation of the dissociative nature of ketamine in its full form. Users feel as if they are always falling into the dark. It is as if the clothes of the time and the thoughts of others are coming off.


Some describe the K-hole experience as “looking into the keyhole of life.”


A K-hole can be terrifying and fascinating at the same time. However, most people report that the information is more useful than good.

How long do the effects of ketamine’s tablet last?


Ketamine is not a long-term drug. The effects take 30-60 minutes to reach their full effect, lasting about an hour before starting to wear off.

It is one of the reasons why some users actively seek out ketamine to prolong their trip.

How much is ketamine?


  • The effects of ketamine can vary greatly. For oral tablets. Ketamine is administered by inhalation or nasal insufflation.
  • The lowest dose (20mg) of ketamine produces mild hallucinations and is more similar to GHB or alcohol.
  • High doses start around the 50mg mark, leading to dissociative and introverted effects.
  • The K-hole size starts around the 100mg mark.
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