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Liberty Crowns are a particular variety of psychoactive mushrooms distinguished by their recognizable bell-shaped caps. They can be found throughout liberty caps grow the world, but the United States Pacific Northwest is where they are most prevalent.

Liberty Caps are a mushroom species native to the Northern Hemisphere and are known for their psychoactive properties. They are also known as Psilocybe semilanceata or “magic mushrooms.” Liberty Caps have been used for centuries as part of spiritual and religious rituals and for their therapeutic effects.

The mushroom contains several psychoactive compounds, including psilocybin and psilocin, that are responsible for its hallucinogenic effects. Liberty Caps are usually and early fall months and can be identified by their distinctive conical cap shape and yellowish-brown color. They have become increasingly popular as recreational drugs and are widely available online.

How long does a liberty cap mushroom trip last?

9 hours. The effects are similar to a light dose of LSD and may vary depending on the user’s expectations. The results start after about half an hour of liberty cap mushrooms depending on the number of doses.

Types of Liberty caps to buy online.

Many people need to learn that there are three types of Liberty caps. The Liberty Pointed Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata) is the best known. These can liberty cap mushrooms be found in the eastern part of the country. Almost all information on the Internet about Liberty caps relates to this type.

What does the Liberty Cap mushroom look like?

Psilocybe semilanceata is a tall, slender mushroom. The cap is distinctive, with liberty caps growing a pronounced papilla above a tall, thin cap. The stem is long and slim enough to lift the lid above the grass to distribute its spores. Although they look delicate, they are tricky mushrooms; a psilocybe liberty cap and a standard identification test are liberty cap mushrooms to twist the stem around your little finger to see if it breaks. A Panaeolus or Conocybe stem will usually break easily, but Liberty Caps are very fibrous and should not break.


14 grams, 1 Oz, 1lb

3 reviews for Liberty Caps For Sale

  1. User420

    Got a half oz and did 3.5g with a couple of friends and it was a great time and the visuals where unlike anything else

  2. John Ford

    By far one of my personal favorites. Great visuals and a great journey/trip. Great for the psychonaut. I am a relative beginner in terms of shrooms (but not altered states) and these were a wonderful introduction and teacher and guide.

  3. Mayra Palomino Espinosa

    Great for beginners. this was my first time experiencing mushrooms, and I experienced some vivid visuals. I did 1g first to know what to expect, and 2 g a weekend after. 2g brought more intense visuals, but still was able to take a step back and out of the trip if needed. Definitely some spiritual parts to my journey as well. I am happy with choosing these guys as my first experience 🙂 great delivery too!

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