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  • Each Tab is dosed at 200ug. If you would love to up the concentration or customize the blotter art please include your request in your order notes
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  • Each sheet is 100 tabs
  • Free test kits are available if you order a sheet of our LSD or more.
  • Each page contains 1000 hits



LSD ACID has had a huge cultural impact, from its use as a powerful influence on bands like the Grateful Dead and the Beatles to inspiring technology pioneers like Steve Jobs. LSD was also used medicinally before it became legal, with doctors treating their patients’ trips.

What is LSD?

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), also known as acid. A chemical hallucinogen that is often sold as small pieces of paper, liquid LSD, or pellets (micro-dots).

The LSD experience is similar in many ways to the psilocybin, LSD LIQUID, but people often believe that they can better guide and maintain consciousness. Studies of LSD have shown success in treating depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, and many other mental conditions. LSD always produces long-term improvements in these conditions, lsd tablets, even with single doses. Acid is a long-acting drug. It stays in the body for 6 to 15 hours. Most acid trips last no longer than 9 hours.

LSD for sale

LSD is a powerful chemical, and it is important to take the right amount. Since LSD is very strong in very small amounts and because it is usually given in small pieces of paper, it is difficult to independently observe the form (this problem is less with mushrooms or MDMA). Taking too much LSD can lead to feelings of dissociation and isolation. A “dose” or “tab” of LSD can vary in strength, so we’ve made sure you know how many micrograms it contains.

Do not use LSD unless you are absolutely sure of the quality and condition you have. It’s best to use a source that someone you know has used and can vouch for, and it’s best to order from our store and be sure you’re getting the best acid tablets.

Acid reaction

Acid can take you through different parts of the journey: one minute, you might feel dark and struggling, and the next, you might be laughing so hard you’ll grow abs.

You may experience increased heart rate and body temperature, hallucinations, euphoria, and altered perception of yourself and the environment, which may include: visions or hallucinations and, Apple Jam  in severe cases, can have negative effects such as psychosis and depression. , lds drugs,  in some cases, it can happen when the effects of the drug are over. In this case, it is important to seek professional treatment.

Try to label these stressful times as “going bad.” To survive a difficult psychedelic experience, experts recommend breathing, focusing on acceptance, relying on close friends, looking for distractions, or changing the features to navigate the waters of travel.

Acids can have strong long-term effects.

See that at the center of this new science of psychedelics, at the center of its healing potential, is the mystical experience.


LSD party

LSD is effective in doses of 15 micrograms or more. The amount of LSD is 75 to 150 micrograms, although a tablet can contain up to 100 micrograms.

Threshold – 15 µg

Light – 25 – 75 µg

Normal – 75 – 150 µg

Strength – 150 – 300 µg

Weight – 300 µg +



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