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Acid Gel tabs for sale online

100 TABS PER Sheet 

  • LSD Gel lasts longer than blotter because it exposes less LSD to oxygen and light thus reducing degradation.
  • LSD Gel tabs can also be dosed at higher concentrations without fear of crystals shedding or uneven distribution which is the case with Blotter.
  • Each tab is dosed at 250ug. If you would want to up the dose, please add your request in order notes.
  • Why choose the gel tabs over blotter when they both have same concentration?

Gel tabs are preferred by many over blotter even if they are of same concentration because gel tabs can easily dissolve sublingually and it dissolves completely thereby, kicking in faster compared to blotter which takes longer and the blotter itself doesn’t melt.

Depending on your setting, trips on gel tabs can last longer than with blotter



The sale of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) gel tablets has not changed since it was first introduced to the public. People are still using the LSD blotters that Timothy Leary used in the early days.

However, times are changing, and new technologies are being developed to accommodate more LSDs in a single container. Acid gel sheets are a novel method of preparing LSD with several advantages over traditional blotting paper. LSD Gel tablets can contain three times more stimulants than dry ones.

Acid Gel Tabs and LSD Blotters: What’s the Difference?


The only difference between LSD gel tablets and LSD blotters (also known as “acid tablets”) is that gel tablets contain the LSD in a gelatin base. In contrast, gel tab acid, blotters have the LSD in a particular type of absorbent paper (called blotting paper).

Gel tablets are the next generation of LSD administration. Lasting longer, Mescaline Powder, they can hold more LSDs per 1/4 square inch and cure about 50% faster than regular blotters.

Are LSD Gel tabs the same as Blotters?


Yes, the equipment is the same for the standard blotting papers and the new gel plates. Both types contain high LSD. The results’ time frame may differ, but the overall experience is the same. Gel tabs are faster than blotters, and gel tabs drugs, so you may get a more substantial or spiked effect, although most users won’t notice the difference. Also, gel tablets contain more LSD and have a more substantial side effect.

What is the Shelf Life of Gel Tabs for Sale?


One of the main advantages of gel tab LSD is its long life. If it is unknown how long it takes for acid gel tablets to wear off, it is thought to be between 3-6 years. All forms of LSD lose their potency over time, San Pedro Powder For Sale, especially if not properly stored. Knowing how to properly store LSD will help you keep its potency in the long run.

In general, gel tablets should be wrapped in aluminum foil and kept in the refrigerator. Refrigerating the container will extend its shelf life. Do not expose your LSD to high temperatures or direct sunlight for more than a few minutes.



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  1. Jeremy

    Order came in 2 days ago. Delivery was fast

  2. Saint Merkaba

    I love the gels but it doesn’t necessarily feel more intense for me, just cleaner, less nausea.

  3. Trippin melon

    Delivery was fast and the gels arrived in good condition. Thanks Hotspot!!

  4. Dreamer

    I find less discomfort on the come up with gels but that’s just me.

    I personally think they’re better. Would definitely order again.

  5. Mind owned

    Some of the best acid experiences I’ve had was by mixing gel and paper both

  6. Joseph Fulerton

    Really fast and efficient company.
    Takes about 2-3 days for me to get my order in the US.

  7. Cory

    Top quality product from a wonderful company
    The quality of the gel tabs I received was amazing and beat the price of US vendors by a LOT. The owners communicated well and my product arrived much sooner than expected. Now that I know that this is a trustworthy site for psychedelics, I will continue shopping here. The owners are wonderful people with a good product. This is a good source.

  8. Shane

    A sincere pleasure
    The ease of communication and professionalism is flawless and the products are beautiful muchove to all of you

  9. Jamie

    Fast shipping, genuine product, solid quality.
    Gel tabs showed up within 2 days as promised.

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