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Buy the best Wavy Z magic mushrooms in Canada

Wavy Z magic mushrooms are unique, but not just because of their wavy cap. Wavy Z is actually an entirely different species of magic mushrooms.

Most strains and varieties you see online are Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. However, Wavy Z is a species known as Psilocybe cyanescens.

That’s not the only difference because Wavy Z magic mushrooms are incredibly potent and kick in fast.

Buy Wavy Cap Magic Mushrooms Online

Buy magic mushrooms with a wavy cap: Psilocybe cyanescens is better known as a ‘wavy hat’ because the hats have a ripple.

Wavy Caps are less well-known than Gold Tops or Liberty Caps. However, interest in billowy caps has increased over the last decade.

History of Wavy Hat Magic Mushrooms

We need to talk about biology to understand the wavy cap identification of magic mushrooms. First, we need to think about how fungi are defined.

Magic mushrooms are all mushrooms that contain psilocybin and psilocin, active hallucinogenic compounds.

The most common magic mushrooms you will find are known as Psilocybe cubensis. Most mushroom varieties are genetic variants or strains of P. cubensis.

cubensis is so popular because it is straightforward to grow. However, there are hundreds of different species of mushrooms that extend all over the world.

One of these mushroom species is called Psilocybe cyanescens, and it is native to Europe. They love to grow in the Pacific Northwest and can be seen in Canada.

Instead of using that complex name, they are generally referred to as the Wavy Z due to their appearance. One of the reasons they are not used as much is that they are not easy to grow.

However, if you can see them, you should buy them immediately. They are one of the unique magic mushrooms you can use.

How strong are Wavy Hat Magic Mushrooms?

The wavy caps potency of P. cyanescens makes it a positively sought-after species, especially among underground growers. Mushrooms are popular with those looking for more substantial experiences and those looking to use them for microdosing. However, things may differ from what they seem with the wavy cap.

The appearance of the curly hat magic mushrooms

Buy magic mushrooms with a wavy hat. Magic mushrooms have hats that look like waves rolling over them. Their cap is how they got their unusual name.

The hats are light brown and relatively small. Wavy caps are smaller on average than different magic mushroom species.

They have a thin stem and only produce a few centimeters. Once the wavy mushrooms dry out, they turn cream in color and become much smaller.

You may find that your curly-cap magic mushrooms appear bluish or greenish. However, this is entirely natural and is called bruising.

All magic mushrooms bruise because it is a natural reaction when psilocybin arrives into contact with air.

This can happen during harvest, during transportation, and even during storage. Bruising also does not affect efficacy or safety, so don’t worry.

Wavy Cap Magic Mushroom Effects

Psilocybe cyanescens has a different feel than your average magic mushroom variety. For starters, curly-capped magic mushrooms instill a sense of stillness and tranquility.

This stillness will take you on a journey inward with reflective thoughts. Then, in sheer euphoria, you will wake up to incredible images.

Once the ride is over, you gently drop to earth on a bed of clouds.

Consume Curly Cap Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

Wavy Cap Mushrooms is an ideal strain for a relaxing morning or afternoon. This makes it suitable for relaxed hikes in the woods or a relaxing day at home.

You will be amazed by your surroundings, especially when you are away from home. Unadulterated happiness will fill your heart as you connect deeply with those around you.

In general, the recreational use of the Wavy Cap becomes a pleasant experience. If you’re taking a higher dose, buckle up because you’re in for some fantastic pictures.

If you are going to take magic mushrooms away from home, remember to be prepared. Always carry enough food, water and a good mood with you on your trip.

Also, remember never to bring magic mushrooms before you start driving. Be sure to take them with you once you arrive at your destination, and only continue at the end of the trip.

Take The Magic Mushrooms Spiritually With a Wavy Hat

As mentioned above, wavy-capped magic mushrooms are excellent for inner reflection. This, combined with its potency, makes Wavy Cap Mushrooms the perfect choice for a spiritual journey.

If you’re interested in a potentially life-changing spiritual journey, then you can’t go wrong with wavy cap mushroom.

However, there is more to a magic mushroom spiritual journey than simply taking a hefty dose. You include being in the right place and having the right attitude to let go.

Once you release it, let the mushrooms show you what you need to offer. These can be deep internal reflections about yourself, relationships, or memories.

To get into the right place and attitude, you must be familiar with a concept called set and attitude. The better your scenery and setting, your spiritual journey will be more effective.

You want to be somewhere familiar, comfortable, and uplifting for the ambiance. People are also part of the background, and you want to be as isolated as possible.

However, having someone around to take care of you is a good idea.

The set or mindset is more challenging to prepare. It would help if you tried to clean up your schedule and take care of all the commitments.

That way, you won’t have extra worries on your mind.

Once you have your outfit and attitude ready, you can expand your consciousness.

How to Dose Curly Hat Magic Mushrooms

As we mentioned earlier, wavy-head magic mushrooms are potent. Finally, the strains of Psilocybe cyanescens are much stronger than those of P. cubensis.

We don’t recommend this strain for newbies but stick to 1 gram or less if you must try. Even if you are a professional psychonaut, you should take it easy.

Curly-hat magic mushrooms have caught many people off guard. For this reason, we recommend that you try 1.5 grams or less for your first dose.


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9 reviews for Buy Wavy Cap Magic Mushrooms

  1. Logan Sersen

    First order from these guys. Not impressed with potency. However trips were euphoric and pleasant, I would recommend. Also shipped fast. Trying the golden teachers next.

  2. Ziggy1999

    Very potent, a gram got me just where I wanted to be. Fantastic!

  3. Beam me up Scotty

    Come as advertised. Tried a small dose of about 1 gram and can tell they are quite potent. So far the best strain out of the 3 or 4 other types I have tried from this site. Almost tempted to give it a bad review so they are not sold out and out of stock next time I order….ha ha ha

  4. MAXIM

    Realy good product as always little more then expect tank you realy PH

  5. BobbyZimZim

    Excellent and very powerful mushroom. We took the Wavy Z at 1.5 grams each and walked around all night hallucinating, talking to trees, and laughing. Was probably my favourite trip to date. Very spiritual/introspective too. Best “bang for your buck” imo.

  6. Robert Voth

    Much more potent than the PE or tri colour ecuadorian mushrooms, I ordered, but not as insane as described. I would still start low, but my girlfriend and I took 2.5g and 3g respectively and at no point felt completely overpowered; it was a fantastic trip though, incredible visuals and euphoria, my girlfriend was crying the whole time but tears of happiness(she cries a lot anyways lol). Kicked in extremely fast, will probably pick more up if they restock.

  7. starryknight

    Total out of body experience. Very, very strong. Easily the most powerful mushrooms I’ve tried to date.

  8. LynnCarr

    Nice… for a calm Sunday

  9. Jeffrey

    Super good quality full mushrooms nice caps and stems. Plus the amount of bruising holy so nice to see all that blue stuff :). Also holy had 5 shrooms attached together was so cool looking. Potent as hell don’t underestimate these ones. I myself took a little too much the second time and holy let me tell you wont do that again was too intense I stick around 1.5 to 2gs now lol.

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