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Changa is the name given to a smoking blend of caapi or other MAOI containing plants with an infusion of extracted DMT. Changa often contains other milder psychoactive herbs as well. The maoi action results in a longer and more intense trip.

NOTE: There is no standardized recipe or concentration of infused DMT, therefore dosage and potency will vary per batch.

Changa DMT For Sale Online


Changa for sale is a smokable form of Ayahuasca. It is an aromatic blend that includes dried Ayahuasca (or another MAO inhibitor) and DMT. It is an alternative to Ayahuasca or DMT, which can be smoked. Changa dmt is milder than 5-MeO and not as long-lasting as Ayahuasca. It allows clients to tap into the DMT portfolio seamlessly.

In conclusion, changa is an incredible hallucinogen that demands respect. Many people who try this spicy mix get more than they buy. Debate continues over what constitutes a “proper” changa. The first creator of the changa, changa joint, an Australian named Julian Palmer, used Ayahuasca as the primary source of numerology. Today, you can find a difference using the Syrian mourning or love flower spice instead of the ayahuasca plant.


The origin of DMT is also unclear. Some people use synthetic DMT. Some people prefer separate houses or plants that contain DMT carts, such as acacia or chacruna tree. Adding different herbs can improve mood, changa benefits, reduce the harmful effects of smoke, changa smoke,  or add new psychoactive effects.

A similar combination is used with an MAO inhibitor and DMT under the same primary conditions. The compound is known as pharmaceutical has.

How does Changa work?

The energy regulation used in changa can be described as N, N, DMT: a similar energy regulation is found in Ayahuasca and yopo. DMT is a powerful hallucinogen designed to produce hallucinogenic states of consciousness. When we take DMT orally, Mescaline Powder, a protein called monoamine oxidase (MAO) can quickly break it down.

We can temporarily prevent DMT breakdown by blocking MAO with various substances such as Ayahuasca and Syrian duel, allowing you to enjoy its hallucinogenic effects. Vaping or smoking DMT provides incredible psychoactive effects before MAO has had time to secrete. This is what bufo amphibian toxins (5-MeO-DMT) can do.

Therefore, combining MAOIs with DMT in groups of smokers makes them stronger and more durable.

Changa For Sale

Getting a correct gear ratio is difficult due to a large amount of variance in change elements. The amount of changa depends on the spices, and other spices added.

The best way to use changa is, to begin with, a small amount. You can take a puff and then pause for a few moments to consider how you feel. You can take long breaths or hold the drag for a long time before releasing it—more smoker and hallucinogenic.

With patience, you can dial in the power of results without thinking. Blow a little and stay still, then blow some more. End again.

Some odd jobs hit like a freight train after a few pulls; Others are more flexible and may require multiple sessions to achieve what is known as a DMT dose. You never know until you try, and every team is different.


Changa is similar to ayahuasca or 5-MeO-DMT. It is milder than other forms of DMT, but it is not the most common. Some change travel reports describe highly significant and intensely hallucinogenic encounters. Because the changing designs are different, the content can vary greatly.

Adding spices like Calea or mugwort will make the effect more noticeable than adding something like mullein mint or the like.


Changa DMT is sold in our store at a very reasonable price. When you order from us, you are assured of prompt and careful delivery to your doorstep.


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4 reviews for Changa DMT

  1. Threwahway

    To be fair, you don’t need the MAOI. I haven’t read many people that said they missed the MAOI or that the trip was different. Awesome product!!

  2. 1 point

    it is by far my favorite psychedelic to partake in, honestly. As much as I love psilocybin mushrooms and DMT, changa is awesome in that you can pace yourself at your own discretion. It gets as intense as you want it to get, basically.

  3. Enaud

    I love it! The MAOIs seem to help the DMT come on a bit smoother for me, like a roller coaster instead of a rocketship… highly recommended 🙂

    Smoke it through a bong if you want a decent trip, joints are a bit of a wast IMHO.

  4. Yesterdayman

    Yeah it’s crazy i prerolled like 8 fat doobies of it and had them strolling round town. It was fun

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