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  • Chemical name : 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
  • Street names : Molly
  • Duration of effects: 4-6 hours

PURE MDMA is a psychoactive drug with stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. It was first synthesized in 1912 for potential medicinal use, but it wasn’t until the MDMA pills 1970s that it began to be used recreationally. MDMA has become a popular party drug due to its euphoric and energizing effects, but it can also cause serious physical and psychological harm.

What does MDMA look like?


The experience is generally very positive – unlike other psychedelics, which are very sensitive to the people and environment you droga m spend your time in throughout the journey.

The euphoric effects of MDMA make you less likely to have difficult or frightening experiences while traveling, but it’s not impossible.

What is the dose of MDMA?


The usual dose of MDMA ecstasy is between 50 and 150 mg. Most people take a 100mg dose.

The dose of MDMA may vary depending on factors such as your height, the amount of food you ate before the session, and your experience with MDMA or other stimulants.

How is MDMA used?


It is available as a rock or capsule that you ingest by mouth. Molly sold on the street contains a lot of impurities that are dangerous for human consumption.

What are the effects of using Molly?


Molly produces stimulating effects by enhancing the sense of pleasure and self-confidence and also increasing energy.

Its psychedelic effects include feelings of peace, acceptance, and empathy.


  • Chemical name : 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
  • Street names : Molly
  • Duration of effects: 4-6 hours

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6 reviews for PURE MDMA

  1. One Shot

    My advice start slow, drink plenty of water or electrolytes and you will be fine. Enjoy!

  2. Dizzy

    I had me some at a decently small concert probably like 500 people. It was the best time of my life.. yelled the lyrics to every song, talked to so many strangers, and danced my ass off. Afterwards I told a random group in an elevator that I loved them.

  3. Snow man

    I definitely recommend being with someone either experienced or sober, preferably both

  4. adtr100

    Best Psychedelic delivery site in the whole world. Package just came in mail and I’m so excited, can wait to try it out

  5. Fakulsa

    Just received my order and test results were all good. ❤️

  6. Trendz

    whatever anyone tells you is irrelevant because you can only experience it to know…..

    just please please please please order from this shop. It’s good the best products and delivery.

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